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Plasma Slotted Liner

  • Plasma Slotted Liner
  • Plasma Slotted Liner
  • Plasma Slotted Liner
  • Plasma Slotted Liner
Model No.︰Mingde
Brand Name︰Mingde
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 100 / m
Minimum Order︰100 m
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Product Description
Plasma Slotted Liner
1. OD: 2-3/8''-7''
2. Steel Grade: API 5CT J55, K55, N80, L80, P110, TP110H
3. Length: R1, R2, R3
4. Slot Width: 0.15mm-4.0mm Tolerance:±0.03mm
5.Slot Length: 60-120mm
6.Application: Sand-control completion of horizontal well, side well drilling, branch well, and gravel pack well completion.
7.Application history: It has been widely applied in Shengli Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield and Kazakhstan Oilfield. 

Detailed information
The current sand control screens or liners are plasma slotted liner, laser slotted liner, precise metal mesh screen. Plasma slotted liner manufactured by Dongying Mingde Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd has following advantages over the other two types.

1. The plasma slotted liner has good self-cleaning effect because of its unique traperzoid slot.
Narrow at the liner surface and increasing in width at the interior, which let the sands with smaller diameters than the surface width enter easily through the slots without plugging and sands with larger diameters will be blocked, accumulate and form natural sand bridge outside. The filter layer formed by sorting is of high permeability and good filtration performance.
2. Higher tensile strength.
The plasma slotting process is unique and no heat-affected zone will be generated, therefore little harm to base pipe, which makes the liner preserve more tensile strength than other similar liners or screens, about 20%-30%. The risk of liner or screen broken accident is greatly reduced. Other mechanical strength, such as the torsional strength is higher than the casing threaded strength

3. Higher anti-squeeze performance.
The perforated base pipe for other screens is only supported by several layers of mesh and it is easier to produce sands if impacted by flow with high pressure.

4. Plasma slotted liner has good characteristics of hydromechanics. The gradually widening cavity greatly reduces flow resistance when crude oil passes through the liner from reservoirs, which is easier for oil production.

5. Higher slot abrasion resistance and inoxidizability.

When the plasma blaze with high frequency and temperature is processing the base pipe, the water-based compound working fluid produces electrolytic dissociation and thermal decomposition, whose production reacts withliner slot surface. The liner surface is simultaneously heated by the plasma blazewith high frequency and consequently generates a 0.1~0.2mm hardening andantiseptic layer, which can effectively prompt the abrasion resistance and inoxidizability of the slot.

6. Easy operation. Plasma slotted liner has the same diameter and approximate tensile strength (about 3% reduction at most after slotted) with casing, therefore easier for running operation, higher security and less downhole accident possibility.

7. Cost effective: The unit price of plasma slotted liner is about 70% of that of other similar liner or screen.

8. Service Guarantee. The plasma slotted liner has been applied in local and abroad oilfields with total amount of 350,000 ft since 2005, and no downhole accidents such as liner broken or sand production.

9. Wide application scope. Plasma slotted liner can be used in open hole horizontal wells with high and medium permeability reservoirs and median sand diameter greater than 0.12mm. For median sand diameter less than 0.12mm, it can be used as gravel packing liner in horizontal well. Meanwhile, the plasma slotted liner is available for the second sand control if the initial precise screen broken or sand control failure occur, making the occidental well back to production.
Payment Terms︰L/C T/T
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