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Solid Lubricant for Drilling Fluid

Model No.︰Mingde
Brand Name︰Mingde
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 900 / mt
Minimum Order︰10 mt
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Product Description

Solid Lubricant for Drilling Fluid

1. Brief Introduction

The product is a black free-flowing powder, made of premium natural active graphite together with a variety of surfactants and manufactured by the fine process.

2. Main components and function

The product is effective in reducing the frictional resistance between the drilling tools, casing and borehole wall and prevent sticking therefore significantly reduce the occurrence of the downhole accident. Meanwhile, it closes micro- gap of the sidewall, reduces drilling fluid filtrate loss and protects the reservoir.


(1)Harmless to Drilling mud performance, higher lubrication performance

(2)No blistering,no toxic and no pollution to environment

(3)Excellent in temperature resistance up to 250℃ with good compatibility.

3. Technical Specification

Table 1 Technical Specification of Solid lubricant for drilling fluid




Silver-gray or brownish black powder or columnar grains





Sieve Residue,%


 Reduced Rate of the Lubricating Coefficient,%


4. Application Scope

Horizontal well, directional well, extended reach well and exploration well.

5. Usage and Dosage

The product can be made into glue solution or directly added into drilling mud and the regular recommended dosage is 1%-2%.

6. Packaging and Storage

It is packed in paper/plastic bag of 25kg net weight each and stored in cool, dry and ventilation places。Guarantee period is 1 year long.

7. Environment and Safety

This product is non-toxic and harmless to human and environment. No need of special attention when using. Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water. No swallowing.

Payment Terms︰T/T L/C
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