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Low Fluorescence Blocking Anti - sloughing Agent for Drilling Fluid

Model No.︰Mingde
Brand Name︰Mingde
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1500 / mt
Minimum Order︰10 mt
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Product Description

Low Fluorescence Blocking Anti - sloughing Agent for Drilling Fluid

1. Brief Introduction
The product is a black free-flowing powder, finely processed from high-quality natural bitumen, and humic acid.
2. Main components and functions
This product is used as temporarily blocking agent. It is available for brittle shale, broken formations, formation of micro - cracks and micro - fracture development (including all types of stratums without hydration) and effective in improving mud cake quality, reducing water loss,preventing jamming and improving lubrication performance . This product is of low fluorescence and does not affect the geological logging.
3. Technical Specification
Item                                               Specification
Appearance                                Free-flowing Black or Brown Powder
Volatile,%                                 ≤12.0
Oil-soluble Matter Content≥          20
Water Soluble Matter Content≥       40
High Temperature and High Pressure Filtration Loss≥50

4. Application Scope
It is applicable in any water based drilling fluid system.

5. Usage and Dosage
The product can be made into glue solution or directly added into drilling mud and the recommended dosage is usually 3%.

6. Packaging and Storage
It is packed in paper/plastic bag of 25kg net weight each and stored in cool, dry and ventilation places.Guarantee period is 1 year long.

7. Environment and Safety
This product is non-toxic and harmless to human and environment. No need of special attention when using. Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water. No swallowing.

Payment Terms︰L/C T/T
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