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Organic Polyamine Inhibitors for Drilling Fluid- SJA-1

Model No.︰SJA-1
Brand Name︰Mingde
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 4000 / MT
Minimum Order︰10 MT
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Product Description

Organic Polyamine Inhibitors for Drilling Fluid- SJA-1

1. Brief Introduction

SJA-1 is a new kind of shale inhibitor used in water-based drilling fluid jointly developed by Dongying Mingde Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd and UPC. It belongs to polyether polyols shale inhibitors. SJA-1 has the advantages of strong adsorption, strong inhibition and long function time. Because of special molecular structure SJA-1 can firmly absorb in clay, reduces the clay layer spacing, prevents water molecules from entering into the formation, thus it helps to stabilize wellbore.

2. Technical Specification



Type A

Type B


Free-flowing liquid

Free-flowing liquid

pH(1% water solution) =



Fluorescence level    ≤  




Inhibiting made pulp ratio %    ≥



Increase rate of cuttings recovery %   ≥



Remarks: Rate of cuttings recovery in distilled wateris 20%-40%.

3. Performance

(1)Good shale inhibition can effectively control the clay dispersion, prevent bit balling, stabilize flow pattern, suitable for a variety of soft shale formation, the salt-gypsum formation , strong water sensitive formation and complex formation.

(2)Well lubricating performance and available in directional well and horizontal well

(3)High temperature resistance, available in deep and ultra deep wells

(4)Non-toxic, biodegradable, harmless to environment

(5)Protect the reservoir

(6)Well compatibility with treatment agent

4. Usage and Dosage

It can be added directly into water based drilling mud and completion fluid. It is preferred to make into glue solution and the recommended dosage is 0.5%-1%.

5. Packaging and Storage

This product is packed in polyethyleneplastic buckets of 25kg, 50kg, or 200kg net weight each and stored in cool, dry and ventilated places.

6. Environment and Safety

This product is non-toxic and harmless to human and environment. No need of special attention when using. Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water. No swallowing.


Payment Terms︰L/C T/T
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