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Non-fluorescence Anti-sloughing and Filtrate Reducer for Drilling Fluid

Model No.︰PA-2
Brand Name︰Mingde
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 800 / mt
Minimum Order︰100 mt
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Product Description

Non-fluorescence Anti-sloughing and Filtrate Reducer for Drilling Fluid-----PA-2

1.Brief Introduction

 Non-fluorescence Anti-sloughing and Filtrate Reducer for Drilling Fluid researched and developed by UPC (China University of Petroleum) has been extensively applied in local major oilfields and well received by clients. It won Second Prize of Shandong Province’s Technology Progress in 1996.

2. Main Components and Function

PA-2 is the graft copolymer of potassium humate and cationic monomer. The introduction of positive ion enhances the capacity of anti-sloughing and filtration loss, and especially improves the effect of drilling fluid viscosity reduction.

3. Technical Specifications

Table 1 PhysicochemicalSpecification




Free-flowing black powder and particles

Water Cut,%


Sieve Residue



(mesh size 0.84mm) %




Relative Expansion Rate


Florescence Level


Table 2 Specification of Drilling Fluid Performance








Apparent Viscosity,mPa•s


4、Application Scope

Theproduct with 180℃ tolerance is suitable for all kinds of fresh water drilling fluid system and also can be used with other salt-resistingadditives in brine drilling fluid system. It is mainly used as drilling fluid filtratereducer and has the capacity of viscosity reduction andanti-sloughing.With low intensity of florescence, it is available in exploratory well.

5、Usage and Dosage

This product can be added directly toany water-based drilling fluid system. The initial recommended amount is 1%~2% of circulating mud.

6. Packaging and Storage

It is packed in paper/plastic bags of 25kg net weight each and stored in cool, dry and ventilated places. Guarantee period is 1 year.

7. Environment and Safety

This product is non-toxic and harmless to human and environment. No need for special attention when using. Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water. No swallowing

Payment Terms︰T/T L/C
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